FEEL IT (and other songs)
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Angus McGuinness - lead vocal/guitar
Will Tyler - bass
Shane Keaney - drums


♪Introducing Angus as a model♪


Just Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection


Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection


E Tautz Autumn/Winter 2017 Mens Collection


Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2015


♪Past Articles♪

About 5AM

About David Bowie



In response to my question at the beginning of last year regarding what he was in pursuit of through his music, vocalist Angus responded with one word, “Unpolished”. I was surprised by his answer though, because, to me, it looked like he was living a genuinely polished existence.

Angus is a handsome man, with well defined features, clear skin, and a slender body. He makes me think of a young David Bowie. He seems to be well brought up, and has an air of refinement about him. He also has a urban sophistication unique to people from London. He’s also been a model for Hedi, most recently appearing in Just Cavalli resort’s 2017 campaign, and he also performed for Rick Owens and E Tautz at the 2017-2018 AW Fashion Show.

In direct contrast to how he presents himself as model, the world view he expresses through his band is through dirty visuals, simple sounds, and subjects thrusted forth by the lyrics. They are all brought about as part of statement of ‘Unpolished’. It’s origin is from punk.

There’s a hint to the question of what ‘Unpolished’ is in ‘Feel It’. He rebels against the many bands that make more refined and easy to listen to music. I believe music can restore humanity, and that listeners are asked the meaning of humanity through music.

He is opening the hearts of listeners who are surrounded by too much over-refined music, and pushing back against it. It’s like he’s saying, “you’re fine as you are, being ‘Unpolished’ is okay, so dare to challenge the way you feel”. In this way, his defiance isn’t bound by some of the politics of punk, so it’s able to elicit empathy across both borders and economic frameworks. Which means the punk he creates can avoid being old-fashioned. Paradoxically, you could say that his ‘Unpolished’ statement and political punk really only works in this era of globalisation. It really is modern punk.

Nevertheless, he has been able to express 'Unpolished' in such a cool way up to now because of the beauty of nature, the urban sense he has as a Londoner, and punk derived aesthetics. For him, music appears to be a sincere obsession through which to set society and oneself face to face.

Translated by Alex Herdman


♪Special Interview With Angus♪

What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this?
It's about a guy who wants to make people around him feel bad about what they're doing in their lives to make him feel better about himself.
I’m not trying to really communicate anything through this, it's just how I see him.

For that , how did you try to make the song?
Just to make everything as exciting as possible. To feel excited about playing the songs, to feel excited by the artwork. I write and create to simply get excitement out of it. Writing songs, I always, almost all of the time, write the melody first. Bass and drums being the most important to me. Lyrics most of the time are already written or will be done on the spot with a subject in mind.

Who inspire you in these days?
Live performance is the main one for me. Seeing a band that makes me crave seeing them again. I like a lot of energy and grit. I find most music these days boring and just has no impact. It all just blends into one wishy washy indie... dreamy, synth boy band. I like seeing bands that aren't trying to be that group who just want to fit in. Ones that give it to the audience straight. That's what I'm inspired by.




Angusは美しい男だ、整った顔立ち、透き通るような白い肌、細い身体は、若い頃のDavid Bowieを思い出せる。育ちがよいのだろう、品のよさも漂う。そしてまた、ロンドン出身ならではの都会的な洗練さも合わせ持っている。彼はモデルとして活躍しており、Hediのショーにも過去出演しているし、最近では2017年のJust Cavalliのリゾートキャンペーン、2017-18年AWのファッションショーでは、RICK OWENS、E.Tautzにも出演している。 そんなモデルとしての表現とは対照的に、彼がバンドで表現する世界観は、ダーティなビジュアルイメージ、シンプルなサウンド、突き放したような歌詞のサブジェクトで構成される。それらは、彼のステートメント’Unpolished’から生み出されている。その源流はパンクに由来する。

Unpolishedとは何か?の答えのヒントは、‘Feel It’である。彼は多くのバンドが洗練された耳ざわりのよい楽曲を作ることに反抗している。音楽に人間らしさを取り戻したいと思っているし、音楽を通してリスナーに人間性の意味を問いかけているのだ。彼は、洗練されすぎた音楽に囲まれて、息苦しさを感じていたリスナーの心を開き、背中を押す。まるで”お前はお前のままでいい。UnpolishedなままでOKだ。だから、感じるままにとにかく挑戦してみろよ”と言うように。このように彼の反抗は、ある種のパンクのような特定の政治性がないため、国境や経済的な枠組みを越えて共感を生んでいける。だから彼のパンクは時代遅れにならない。しかも逆説的に、’Unpolished’のステートメントは、グローバルな時代においてこそ機能する政治的なパンクとさえ言える。まさに現代のパンクである。

それでも’Unpolished’をここまでクールに表現できるのは、天性の美しさ、ロンドン出身の都会的なセンス、パンク由来の美学があってこそ。そしてまた彼にとって音楽とは、社会や自分自身に真摯に向き合うためのオブセッションでもあるのだろう。 SEI






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